A filter consists of an inlet section, a filter section, a cleaning system and a discharge section. This allows for the removal of undesirable contaminants. 

Rotor Filters

Aairex Rotor Filters are used primarily for the handling of wood dust and shavings. The filter is mounted over a hopper which empties via a rotary valve.







Super Blower Filters

Aairex super blower filter is a bag filter designed for continuous operation under negative pressure. The polluted air is led into the filter chamber and through the filter bags which filter the pollutants from the air. The filter is manufactured from self-supporting steel plate modules. When cleaning is necessary a continuous current of air is blown down into the filter bags. This method of cleaning exercises only minimal load on the filter bags, it prevents condensation, and it saves energy.

Cleaning System There are two different available cleaning systems available for the the Super Blower filter, PowerPulse and HPBS cleaning.

Discharge System A conical bottom with screw and rotary valve or scraper bottom with a rotary valve or bucket/container.

ATEX The Super Blower filter with Power Pulse cleaning and external compressed air is ATEX approved and fitted with approved explosion membranes. The Super Blower filter are available with side venting or vertical explosion relief venting. The Super Blower filer fulfils pressure shock-resistance according to VDI 2263. The venting in accordance with VDI 3673.


Jet Filters

The Jet and EC-filter is an under- and over-pressure filter, designed for continuous operation.Constructed as a self-supporting sheet metal construction. The round design ensures great strength combined with low weight.

The Jet filters and EC-filter are fitted with 180º tangential inlets to ensure effective separation of heavy materials before the process air passes through the filter medium. BF-34, 36, 55, 60, 84 and 90-filters are also available with total separators.
Standard height is 1000 mm, with the inlet at 90ºC. This type of inlet is used in plants in which the process air contains heavy and sharp articles to prevent them coming into contact with the filter medium.

Cleaning system
BF-36, 60 and 84/90-ET filters are available with PowerPulse or Blower cleaning. BF-8, 12, 20, 34 and 55-filters are supplied with EC-cleaning.

Discharge system
Conical or scraper bottoms are available for the discharge system, but silo filter is also available.

BF-36, 60 and 84/90-ET with PowerPulse cleaning, external compressed air or internal compressor are equipped with approved explosion membranes. Choose between side venting or JKF’s specially developed VFV explosion relief venting, which vents explosion pressure vertically through the filter top. The filters fulfil pressure shock-resistance according to VDI 2263. Venting according to VDI 3673.


DS Filter Range with cone Separation and Scraper Discharge for Particle and Fine Dust


The DS Filter range is an under- and over- pressure filter that is designed for continuous operation. The DS range are a self supporting sheet metal construction. Their round design ensures a combination strength with low weight.

Contaminated air passes into the filter through the pressure loss optimised inlet, ensuring optimal separation of dust particles.

Cleaning System
The DS filter range has a PowerPlus cleaning system with filter DS total cleaning system or ECOTROL filter control system.

Discharge System
The DS filter range is available with a conical or scraper bottom, depending on model.

The DS filter range are fitted with approved explosion membranes with side relief venting. The filters fulfil pressure shock resistance in accordance with VDI 2263. Venting according to VDI 3673.