Our Story

In 1964, Andy Caldwell Sr. built a small workshop in his back garden of his new home on the Mall Road, Monaghan. There he started a small engineering business.

Ireland was a very different country to the one we know now and resources were scare to invest in large scale machinery. However, this was no deterrent. Through his knowledge and experience gained from his younger days working with his father in Scotland, Andy Sr. had the ability to develop and manufacture a few machines needed to get him started. 



Through the 1970’s and 80’s the business continued to grow. Local Feed Mills, Saw Mills, Furniture Manufacturers, Shoe Manufactures, Textile Producers, Tyre Re-moulders and even Bakeries all of which required either dust or fume extraction equipment, knew they could rely on Andy Sr. for their extraction needs. Throughout these years, the work gained from these industries allowed Andy Sr. to provide not only a good quality of life for his family, but also employment for his five children. 

Andy & Phillip



In the early 90’s, the company that had started in a small workshop at the back of the family moved to the Rossmore Park Industrial Estate, on the outskirts of Monagahan Town. It was here, that Aairex as it’s known today, was born. However, in 1997, sadness stuck the family with the death of Andy’s Sr’s. wife, aged 62. Following her death, sons Andy Jr. and Phillip took the reigns of the company and guided it forward and into the new millennium. 

The early 2000’s brought with it many new challenges as well as opportunities. Celtic Tiger Ireland was in full flight and all industries were growing. Employment was at full capacity. Aairex had grown to a staff of 25 people as well as expanding to it’s second factory in the Rossmore Park Industrial Estate. However, 2007 came brought with the global economic crisis and with it, like many, the need to scale back as a company in order to survive. 

While many companies in the industries were unable to make it through the recession. Aairex weather the storm and made it out the other end. 2015 saw the return of Andy Jr. and Phillip’s younger brother Tony to the company, while the following year Andy Jr’s son Robert started his life in Aairex. In 2019, Tony’s son Dean joined Aariex as part of their goal to restart their previously highly successful apprenticeship programme.