Homag Edgebander Extraction Installation

A single section filter unit and ductwork that we recently manufactured and installed in a kitchen manufacturing workshop.
This filter was installed in order to service a new Homag Edgebander that the customer had purchased.
While they already had an extraction system in place for other machines, it was not possible to effectively run the new machine using it for two main reasons.
The first being the existing extraction did not have the capability to effectively extract the required volume of waste the new machine as well as the existing machines. Secondly, by combining it into a system where wood dust and shavings are created, would have left the customer unable to use the by-product created for other purposes such as animal bedding. Something which they were currently doing.
By running the Homag Edgebander on its own extraction system, the customer was able to reconstitute the wood waste created in other aspects of the kitchen manufacturing process without the risk of it being contaminated from the edgebanding process as well as being confident that the waste created by the Edgebander was being properly extracted from the working environment.